Want To Lose Weight? Try Mindfulness

Want To Lose Weight Try Mindfulness

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Shhhh! Quietly listen to your brain chatter for some time. Do you notice a pattern? Our mind talks either based on – fear, a bottleneck, or a goal.

“My low thyroid hormones are causing me to gain weight, ‘I will make sure that my family history of diabetes or arthritis doesn’t get to me’ OR ‘’I want to fit into that dress that I bought last year.’  

The subtle message being conveyed from the recommendations to eat healthier or to exercise more is:

‘ I am not good enough.


I have to fight my hormones or DNA to look good or be healthy.’.

When our needs are fulfilled we feel happy and loved. For example, we want to look good, have a comfortable living situation, live with a partner we get along with, and or have a healthy, happy family.  

The external feedback we receive from our surroundings is often used to define our ‘self-image. Metaphorically, upgrading your self-image is like changing your Facebook profile picture- If you start receiving more compliments for the image, you suddenly start liking that picture and yourself more.

In attempts to meet socially acceptable standards of health, we are constantly rejecting our internal cues.

Are we in sync with our body-mind connection?  

Instead of considering hypothyroidism as the villain in our weight loss story- think what factors might be limiting the ability of the thyroid to work at its best.

Instead of complaining of digestive problems, consider providing a good environment that helps smooth the functioning of the gut.

Addressing hypothyroidism with medication or digestive problems with probiotics may often not work unless we pay attention to our entire ecosystem.

One significant factor that affects our body is how we eat. So, believing in the wisdom of our ancestors who state ‘we are what we eat, how can we afford not to be picky about what we put in our mouth?

If health is wealth, why are we spending our good part of life first to earn the wealth and then to repair lost health? Following are some ways to take charge of your eating habits for a healthy equilibrium of your body.

Tips to start eating mindfully:

1. Eat with all your senses

Make sure you eat what’s suitable for your body. We need to eat with all our senses and, most importantly, WITHOUT DISTRACTIONS.

It ‘pays’ to pay close attention to the energy bursts from making the right food choices.

2. Eat when you are hungry

Also, plan what to eat – Do not eat because of boredom, anger, depression, celebration.

Overeating may be a cultural phenomenon than an individual choice. For example, sociologists have identified that cultures that have been in poverty (even in the prior two to three generations) emphasize the importance of eating more, avoiding waste, emphasizing quantity over quality.

Learning to emphasize quality over quantity is reported to have a more significant impact on health than following any fad diet.

3. Listen to your inner wisdom

Awareness of one’s diet, which emphasizes ‘outer wisdom’ (a term coined by Dr. Kristeller), is incomplete without being in sync with ‘inner wisdom.’ Inner wisdom should be our accurate GPS for making the right choices for our bodies.

Unfortunately, few people take the time or have an intention to listen to their inner wise voice. It is easier to follow the ‘outer wisdom’ in the form of a fad diet or a meal plan that others have prescribed. It may have worked for them but may not work for you.

Make this promise to yourself.

Try eating at least one meal of the day without any distractions, eat in response to your hunger cues and let your inner GPS guide you in making the food choices.

Trust your inner self – it knows you better than anyone else and will help you feel healthier much quicker than any fad diet.

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