Radhika, NJ (Lost 23 pounds)

Mita’s coaching style is simply incredible. The first thing I felt right after our first conversation is you made me really comfortable, which I feel is the most important part. I really admire your immense knowledge about our topic of discussion : food and the food industry. Secondly you have always boosted my confidence level which gave me even more courage to go forward with my dieting. I love the way where you always have an a lternative way (or a backup plan) to have healthy food. And moreover you always have so simple and easy tips that it become very easy to stick to my dieting plan. Lastly the quality of your coaching is so awesome that on a scale of 1 to 10. I would happily give 10 /10. The most important thing I learnt is knowing my own body, which I never tried to learn (or rather say not interested) before our conversation. Today I have learnt what’s good for me (in terms of food consumption) and what are the things that I should try to avoid for my own good! I will be always thankful to you for making me realize about the real facts of food and food products in the market. There was a time when I use to just buy stuff coz I love it not knowing what’s exactly in the content of the food. But now, I am always cautious and careful about what I take and what I feed my family. You have taught me that dieting isn’t about staying hungry, its all about having healthy food and discovering your own body!! My outlook towards food has totally changed because of you and I will be always thankful for that. I would highly recommend you to all my friends and dear ones. As I said earlier, on a scale of 1 to 10 you are at a 10.