You are here because you deeply care about the health and wellbeing of your employees. 

5% of diseases account for 80% of medical expenses.

Sound scientific evidence backs the benefits of lowering the Body Mass Index (BMI) in preventing over 15 chronic conditions that originate from individual behaviors. In addition, our programs will help your employees adopt healthy, sustainable lifestyle changes. We focus on promoting whole food, plant-based eating, encouraging movement, managing stress better, getting restful sleep, cultivating relationships, and avoiding toxic substances such as alcohol and tobacco.

Organizations that offer our services can expect their employees to have better health, engagement, focus, energy, creativity & productivity. They can also expect lower absenteeism & accidents.

A pilot study done at Vanderbilt University found a 210% ROI on a six-month diabetes prevention program. US employers spend $900 billion on health care. They lose an additional $500 billion from loss of productivity attributed to employee illness. Cost savings from prescription drugs, medical procedures, and reduced absenteeism can add up significantly.

In the US, stress accounts for 550 million lost workdays. Our program focuses on lowering the stress levels among your employees. It also helps increase employee engagement by creating a safe environment for work. A healthier workforce leads to better organizational performance, which translates to greater profits for you.

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