My story

In June 2016, one of my greatest fears came true.

I have a solid family history of diabetes from the maternal side. My grandmother had diabetes from a very young age. Her brother also had diabetes for as long as I knew him. My aunt (mother’s sister) has been a diabetic since her early 40s. Given my background in nutrition, I had always been on top of making healthy food choices for my family. 

But in June 2016, I got my blood work reports indicating that I had pre-diabetes. My HgA1C was 5.7%. At the time, too, I helped people understand their numbers and keep them within normal range. Yet, here I was with a higher A1c, at the age of 36 years. I realized that what I was doing was not working. I had to make some profound changes.

Wellness With Mita

I gave myself six months to lower my HbA1C (3 month average of blood sugar levels). I did everything I knew. I started eating low-carb, high-protein meals. Some experts indicated that gluten intolerance could be a culprit, so I quit gluten for three months. Wheat flour tortilla had been a big part of my meals. I used to have them at least four days a week. Finding alternatives was like learning to speak and write a new language. 

Fast forward to January, I redid my bloodwork. I received the results, and my A1c had jumped to 5.9%. Forget about lowering; it didn’t even stay the same. I was devastated. My life had been miserable and to no benefit. That day, I made wheat tortillas for dinner & I ate like I had been starved for a long time.

I didn’t realize until later how much stress I had been through overhauling my entire eating habits. I had stopped exercising, and probably my sleep wasn’t the best either. 

Soon after that, I was introduced to lifestyle medicine and read the China study (a book on the most comprehensive nutrition research done to date). I learned about the six pillars of a healthy lifestyle and how they contribute to well-being, including nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, social support, and toxic substances. Then, I started making the recommended changes, one small step at a time. 

What was different this time was that I connected with others making similar changes. The journey was much easier with the collective wisdom and experts to guide me.

By August 2017, my HgA1c had dropped to 5.2%. I was in the safe range. I continued with healthy lifestyle changes and have successfully kept my HgA1c at or below 4.9%. 

I now realize the power of a healthy lifestyle.  Our best health is dependent on each of the pillars:

  • Nutrition
  • Physical activity
  • Managing stress better or positive approach
  • Getting restful sleep
  • Avoiding toxic substances
  • Feeling well supported

70% of chronic conditions are lifestyle-related. These include obesity, diabetes, hypertension, dementia, high cholesterol levels, irritable bowel syndrome, etc.

Like me, you have the power to reverse these by realigning your lifestyle. I am here to support you and get you started with making small but effective changes.To realign ourselves, you might need support from an expert to guide you and give you some direction. Someone who listens and helps you investigate how your body works. 

I can help you with that. 

Wellness With Mita

The truth is, no one knows your body better than YOU. 

There is no cookie-cutter solution in health matters. 

You need to find what indeed works for YOU.

We help you identify what YOU deepest desires. For example, some of us want to fit into our favorite clothes, some want to feel more confident, and some want to fit into the airplane seat comfortably so we can fly and go to see our loved ones. 

What is YOUR deep desire?

What motivates YOU to the point that you are ready to try something different right now.



What are  YOUR strengths that you can leverage to overcome the most formidable challenges?

Once you identify these, you can create a plan to design a lifestyle that YOU can flourish.

 I am here to:

  • Give you  the most up to date, reliable, and scientifically proven information
  • Hold you accountable 
  • Provide a safe environment to explore yourself 
  • Help you gain new skills


  • Walk alongside you to attain your BEST SELF

My Academic & Work Background

I am a National Board & ACLM Certified Health Coach with two master’s, one in nutrition (Mumbai University) and the other in behavioral nutrition & physical activity (Virginia Tech Polytechnic Institute). 

Over the past eighteen years, I have helped thousands of people take charge of their health and reverse diseases by applying principles of lifestyle medicine. I have worked in many areas of health management, from startups to clinical research at hospitals and universities and in corporate wellness.

You can learn more about me at  https://www.linkedin.com/in/mita-shah-bhagat-3667728